The Florence AGT Association numbers over 100 local licensed tour guides who have obtained their license after attending formative courses and passing the exams envisaged by the law. We offer competent and enthusiastic guiding service in many foreign languages: English,, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croat, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Keeping up to date and attending courses are a priority for our guides, who thus manage to introduce our clients to the beauty and wealth of our city’s historical and artistic heritage from a novel viewpoint, adapting their tours to the requirements of each individual. Our guides can also organise wine and food itineraries or explore ancient crafts workshops and local traditions, revealing the most authentic Florentine spirit.

A tour with an AGT guide can prove to be an enriching and diverting high-light of your holiday,

It is always most gratifying to see our visitors’ eyes shining at the conclusion of a day in their company, when we realise that they will long remember their visit to our beautiful and fascinating city.


The Florence Tour Guides Association is the local section of the AGT Association of Tuscany, founded in 1986, to protect the tour guiding profession.

AGT is also part of ANGT, the first national association of Tour Guides, that, in turn, is a member of the Fédération Européenne des Guides (FEG) as well as of the Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, the latter being an official partner of UNESCO.

The association also carries out voluntary activities and offers free guided tours on special occasions such as the International Tourist Guide Day or the Commemoration of Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici, Electress Palatine, thanks to whom the Medici collections were left to the city of Florence. For many years we have taken part in the FAI Spring Days. Another special event we took part in was the 2013 twentieth anniversary of the Via dei Georgofili attack and the collection of funds for numerous restorations, such as the 2014 Badia a Settimo works or the funds for restoring the Uffizi corridor busts.


The Association checks on the training of the guides in its ranks and is specially careful to ensure that the circa 100 guides in the Association have the opportunity of attending regular refresher and special theme research courses, together with preparatory visits to exhibitions, theme itineraries, led by experts and high quality scholars, and most often by the curators of the exhibitions or by the directors of the various museums.


In accordance with its Statutes, the AGT Florence Association has no political affiliations and belongs to no political party or religious confession and is solely concerned with guiding professional problems.

  • AGT represents Tourist Guides in all contacts with regional and other organisms, both public and private,         wherever contacts or dealings are required or advisable.
  • AGT ensures the professional levels of its members, thus offering a “quality guarantee” to all visitors employing their services.
  • AGT supports the increase of tourism, in periods of lower influx and to lesser known places of interest, by working with the public organisations and tourist operators,
  • AGT helps to see that the current laws affecting the profession of Tourist Guides are kept
  • AGT promotes seminars, refresher and specialist courses for its members, linking up with cultural, state, and private institutions, so as to achieve higher and more specific professional training.
  • AGT alerts tourist operators as to the cultural and informational value of guiding services.
  • AGT contributes, thanks to its members, to the promotion of tourism throughout the whole city and province of Florence.


Agt Firenze proposes solutions targeted at various types of tourist, that require specific care, both as regards planning the contents of the itineraries, such as, for instance, school excursions, as well as regards disabled visitors. If you require this kind of itinerary, we suggest you contact us directly so as to let us know exactly what kind of provisions you require, so that we can jointly plan your Florentine experience in the most advantageous manner.


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