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It is fundamentally important to plan any trip, but it is particularly important in the case of school excursions.

Let us start with the time of the year: considering that school trips occur traditionally between March and May, we advise you to choose – as far as you can, in consideration of teaching requirements – other periods, during the winter months ( i.e.: November, January and February) as the Florence is less crowded in these months and thus much, much more enjoyable.

At any rate, whichever period you choose, a visit led and prepared by an AGT professional will enable you to experience the best of every work of art or site.

You can choose one of the itineraries suggested for students on our web-site or work out an itinerary with your AGT guide that will take into account the specific study requirements of your students to be covered in a visit lasting one or several days.

The itinerary could revolve around a historical period – the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Florence as Capital of Italy in the 19th century – or examine a specific field of studies, including the Archaeological Museum, the Galileo Museum, the Specola, the Botanical Gardens or the recently founded Football Museum in Coverciano.

Whatever you choose, your licensed guide will be familiar with the places include in the planned visit and what is more he or she will know how suitable each specific place is to a school visit. Visiting a museum or even a simple stroll through the streets of Florence on one’s own is not the same as visiting the same places with a numerous group of students. The pace kept and access to museums, as well as waiting times definitely change considerably. Which is the fundamental and valuable task of an AGT guide, so that the students will be able to derive the best results from their excursion, not only by engaging their interest and involvement, but by managing to keep to the necessary times.

For general information, it might be useful to consult the official web-site of the Municipality of Florence (Comune di Firenze).

  • Made to measure visit (according to the age of the participants and including subjects included in the students’ programmes or curricula)
  • Specialist visits
  • Availability of specific sites

Agt Firenze proposes solutions targeted at various types of tourist, that require specific care, both as regards planning the contents of the itineraries, such as, for instance, school excursions, as well as regards disabled visitors. If you require this kind of itinerary, we suggest you contact us directly so as to let us know exactly what kind of provisions you require, so that we can jointly plan your Florentine experience in the most advantageous manner.


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