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If you are organising a congress in Florence, you might perhaps want to suggest a more complete experience of the city and of the beauty it can offer to the participants or to the people accompanying them. AGT’s guides are at your disposal to programme a tour, that will take the specific interest of your guests and the time available into account. Whether you want to suggest a tour of discovery of Florence or an excursion into the Tuscan countryside or whether you want to offer your guests a visit more in tune with the interests of the congress members, there are innumerable and fascinating possibilities. From scientific museums to little known sites, this extraordinary city enables one to plan a visit which is bound to fascinate your guests.

  • Reception
  • Personalised, made to measure itineraries

Agt Firenze proposes solutions targeted at various types of tourist, that require specific care, both as regards planning the contents of the itineraries, such as, for instance, school excursions, as well as regards disabled visitors. If you require this kind of itinerary, we suggest you contact us directly so as to let us know exactly what kind of provisions you require, so that we can jointly plan your Florentine experience in the most advantageous manner.


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