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A tourist guide is anyone who, by profession, leads individuals or groups of people and illustrates the historical, artistic, monumental or landscape features of a place, as well as the productive resources of a territory, after having obtained a license to do so.

The licensed guides of the municipality of Florence can be identified thanks to the badge on their breasts. AGT represents the Tourist Guides of Florence and its province. AGT Firenze is the local section of AGT Toscana, founded in 1986. AGT Firenze is also part of ANGT (the first national association of Tourist Guides) that is affiliated to the Fédération Européenne des Guides and to the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, which is an official partner of UNESCO.

Only Licensed Tourist Guides, who have attended and passed the final exams of courses envisaged by the law, can be members of these associations.

What we wish to stress is that whoever carries out the marvellous job of the Professional Tourist Guide, whether on a full-time or temporary basis, needs to belong to a professional association.

There are many tourist guide associations in Florence and obviously we think ours is the best. It does not however matter which association one belongs to: what is important is to belong to one of them. We are all free professionals and have no particular work guarantees, so we believe that it is vital to be part of an association, in order to gain visibility, to interact with the municipal and state institutions and basically to acquire credibility as a category of workers.

AGT regularly organises refresher and specialist courses delivered by university docents or curators of exhibitions, which have so far met with great success. AGT members can suggest specific subjects to the Council, that they would like to investigate more thoroughly.

Member registrations take place at the beginning of the year, subject to Council approval. The membership fee is annual and tax-deductible.

AGT guides can use a calendar on this web-site, where they can post the dates they are available or look for colleagues who are free, when they need to be replaced or require the services of another guide. The CAP travel agency with whom we work also uses the calendar, when looking for guides for their tours.

– Sharing common targets
– Presenting a common front to institutions, whether municipal or European
– Training and specialist courses


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